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Shine For Jesus Christ Presents Praisercise

An  exciting new TV show coming soon

  • Shine Radio 1 part 14:49
  • Shine Radio 1 part 25:34
  • Shine Radio 1 part 3 new3:13
  • Shine Radio 1 part 43:51
  • Shine Radio 1 part 55:46
  • Shine Radio 1 part 61:43

​Shine For Jesus Christ is a Christian production company for gospel music radio, televison, video and film. Immediate plans for summer of 2017 to broadcast the radio show Shine! Shine!! Shine!!! on The Fish through Salem Media .  Your donations will help Shine for Jesus Christ, which was created  in 2010,  with radio production costs and to help produce the TV show Praisercise. Both shows are hosted and created by gospel recording artist Sunshine of Melody Dawn Records a country gospel record lable.  Praisercise is pending network approval for 2017

                      Entertainment Recording Production

                                                    Shine For Jesus Christ                 Presents

      Shine! Shine!! Shine!!!

                A Contemporary Christian Band and a New Radio Show