Shine For Jesus Christ 

Sunshine - Gospel Music - Melody Dawn Records 



Thanks to you

I didn't have to learn the hard way

You made love so easy for me

And I thank God

For the gift He has given

Your teaching me

Just how great love can be

Now everytime I come close to falling

Your always there to catch me

Before I hit my knees


You give me hope 

You brought me faith

You've shown me dedication

I'm learning to be strong 

In every situation

You give me trust

You brought me truth

Your inspiration's from above

And the greatest thing of all

You taught me how to love


You taught me how to love

Like I never loved before

You taught me how to love

and you taught me so much more

(repeat chorus)

Melody Dawn Records 
CD "Sunshine 

You Taught me How to Love"
Written by Brenda Smith Cole, Cliff Garrow Jr. and Russell Lane (c) '95, '06 
Melody Lady Music BMI

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​​Brenda Cole - Country Music - Melody Dawn Records



I'm a Mississippi woman

Born in Biloxi, Mississippi

Where' there's a sweet smell of honeysuckle

There's a flutter from a hummingbird

​Down in Mississipi

You'll meet the friendliest people

In the world


Those southerners are friendly

Everybody's nice

They say come on home for supper 

Have some blackeyed peas and rice

Or some Georgia peach cobbler

Or a little pecan pie

We'll sing Amazing Grace 

And the Sweet By and By

If you need a helping hand

They'll gladly give you one

That's what it's like in Mississippi

And that's where I come from


I've got the Mississippi mud

In between my toes

I'm making jumbalaya

and anything goes

Catch a lighting bug 

And put it in a jar

Then I'll let it go 

And Wish upon a star

There's a down home feeling
In a southern night
I'm a Mississippi woman
Singing in the Mississippi moonlight


There's Moma on the fron porch swing

Daddy plays the banjo We all sing

(repeat chorus)

Melody Dawn Records

CD Brenda - Mississippi Woman

Written by Brenda Smith Cole (c) '93, '12

Melody Lady Music BMI