The Jesus Christ Fan Club

The Jesus Christ Fan Club was established in 2009 in Goodlettsville, Tennessee as a gospel music ministry and expanded to Florida and California. We are praying for funds for expansions of the ministry to community centers to reach more participants and churches. The original building includes a Gospel Music Theatre, Wedding Chapel, music instruction for children and a community choir. Sunshine and Moon of Melody Dawn Records host events at the clubs and bring various Christian faiths together for community outreach. Sharing the gospel and encouraging the disabled, the sick, the elderly and prisoners. We encourage churches to work together to help spread the gospel through music. Specializing in mentoring children for children's gospel music ministry. Open to all ages and all denominations. No membership dues. All events are held by volunteer teachers, participants and leaders. Funded by donations. The JCFC ministry currently headquarters in Hollywood, California.

​​​The Jesus Christ Fan Club

Childrens Christian Music Ministry

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