Sunshine and Moon are a entertainment duo. They are a husband and wife team established in 2009. Sunshine also known as Brenda Cole sings lead and Moon also known Clifford D. Garrow Jr. plays lead guitar. Sunshine  and Moon also play bass, piano, banjo, drums, and acoustic guitar. Moon also plays dobro, lap steel and mandolin. They are currently touring in the California area. Past shows include Tennessee, Michigan and Florida. Moon has toured all over the USA as lead guitrist for Joe Stampley and also The Tennessee Fat Cats. Sunshine Brenda Cole has had Billboard success and radio airplay all over the world on Melody Dawn Records. Sunshine previously recorded on Epic Records as a teenager known as Brenda Smith. Moon was previously signed to Epic Records with the band known as Romeo Ridge winners of the Country Music Showdown with a large following in the Flint Michigan area.

Sunshine & Moon