Shine! Shine!! Shine!!! is a Contemporary Christian band with Sunshine of Melody Dawn Records on lead vocals.

Rise and Shine, Shine Shine Shine an original song written by Sunshine Brenda Cole and Moon Cliff Garrow Jr.

from the CD album Sunshine Shine! Shine!! Shine!!! released in 2010

Rise and Shine,  Shine Shine Shine is also on  the CD album called Sunshine Shine!!! released in 2012

Melody Dawn Records   is a Country Gospel Record Label 

Produced by Sunshine Brenda Cole - Entertainment Recording Production

 Red Hot Trax Publishing BMI and

Melody Lady Music Publishing BMI

​​​Shine! Shine!! Shine!!!

​​​​​​Contemporary Christian and Country Gosple Band 

Shine!  Shine!!  Shine!!! 


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