All the Angels Sing

All the angels rejoice All the angels sing

For the Little baby Jesus Messiah the King

All the stars are shinging bright 

For the little angel child

Born to save the world He is the gift of life


Oh let us sing with the angels

Praise Gods mercy and grace

Halleuia we are saved Jesus takes out place

Oh let us sing with the angels

All the world in harmony

Sing to the holy lamb All the angels sing

All the angels fly From heaven down to earth

To honor the holy child Rejoicing in his birth

All the angels know All the angels cry

Cause the only Son of God Was only born to die

(repeat chorus)

All the angels rejoice All the angels sing

For the baby born on Christmas is Mesiaiah the King

All the angels sing

From the CD Sunshine Shine!!! on Melody Dawn Records

All the angels sing